Like so many, I began my yoga journey in the gym, focused solely on what yoga could do for my body. That was in 2000. Even though I only practiced sporadically, the affect of my yoga practice was undeniable. Not only was my body becoming stronger and more flexible, but emotionally I could feel my anxiety begin to wane. In 2014, while walking in my neighborhood, I noticed a new yoga studio. I decided to try their newcomer special. I was fascinated by the fuller instruction offered there and quickly became hooked. I began practicing a consistent 4-5 times a week.

On my mat, something was happening. I was learning compassion, strength, balance, and rest. As the benefits of yoga continued to enrich my life, I decided to deepen my practice by enrolling in a 200 Hour Registered Teacher Training through YogaWorks. I completed my training under the instruction of nationally recognized yogi Natasha Rizopoulos in March 2015.

My yoga has become a natural extension of my professional psychotherapy practice. Upon receiving my yoga teacher certification, I began teaching yoga with the Hands to Heart Center to children with disabilities, the Rape Crisis Center, and to adults living with HIV and recovering from substance use and trauma. I also began offering private instruction and teaching at Boston Sports Club.

I see yoga as a lifelong practice and I continue my personal journey through practice and continuing education. I recently completed my 500-Hour Registered Teacher Training Certification recognized by Yoga Alliance. I am certified in Divine  Sleep Yoga Nidra and have gained extensive training in Pranayama (yoga breathwork). Considering the comfort and calming affects of yoga, it comes as no surprise that I incorporate yoga in my psychotherapy sessions with those who are interested in participating.

I believe that yoga can be transformational. It offers you a place to truly see yourself and find acceptance and peace within.


​Individual guidance in the journey to discover your own yoga practice.

Private yoga sessions include:

Strength and Flexibility Goal Setting

Individualized Yoga Sequences and Poses

Asanas for specific physical or health concerns

A meditation practice

1 Hour Session: $75

1.5 Hour Session: $100

No yoga experience required



Danielle Bailey

Licensed Psychotherapist, LICSW

​Certified Yoga Instructor RYT-500